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When searching for the best skin clinic in Las Vegas, it’s important to ask the right questions before scheduling an appointment. Take a look at the clinic’s staff background, business values, and treatments to get a sense of how they operate and treat their clients. As you’re doing research, ask the following questions.

1. Is the staff supervised by a physician?

Every clinic should have a trained physician ready to oversee, assist, and perform the procedure. Though it’s normal for an esthetician to perform certain procedures, other treatments, such as injectables and fillers, should be supervised by a physician. Before scheduling an appointment, read the team’s bios to learn about their education, training, and experience. You should feel comfortable entrusting your skin care needs to the clinic’s staff.

2. How do they treat customers during the initial consultation?

One way to distinguish a good clinic from the best skin clinic in Las Vegas is to look at how they treat their clients. Do they pressure clients to make a decision during the initial consultation? Established clinics operate ethically and will never try to strongarm you into making a decision before you’ve had a chance to review the materials they’ve given you.

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3. What treatments are offered?

The best skin clinics offer a good range of services but don’t overextend themselves. The staff should have clearly-demonstrated experience performing the procedures offered by the clinic. A few common treatments you could expect at a skin clinic include laser hair removal, injectables and fillers, facials, microdermabrasion, and various peels. Find out more about the techniques and technologies they use to deliver results and ask questions about their safety protocols.

Take the time to read through their website to learn more about the procedures and be sure to ask for brochures and safety information before committing to a treatment.

4. Do they offer personalized services?

Skin care is personal because every person is different. Each individual has their own skin type, tone, texture, concerns, and goals. A quality skin care clinic should take into account individual differences and needs when recommending treatment or products. In addition, skin changes over time and across seasons. Experienced skin care professionals should be flexible and attentive to your needs, and demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond average service standards.

5. What does their availability look like?

Good skin clinics should have the flexibility and availability to treat you according to your timeline. Find out what their operating hours are and what the scheduling and rescheduling process looks like.

If you’re searching for the best skin clinic in Las Vegas, look no further than Medicis Medical Spa. Our team is eager to help you achieve your desired results using the latest cosmetic treatments. Give us a call to schedule a consultation!

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