Las Vegas Laser Leg Hair Removal

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    Save Time with Laser Leg Hair Removal

    Traditional leg hair removal requires regular upkeep and can be very time consuming. Laser hair removal can save you time and money with treatments performed under an hour at Medicis Medical Spa with the Soprano ICE Platinum. Leg laser hair removal is a permanent alternative to waxing and shaving. It also eliminates the irritation, razor nicks, and scarring you’d get with traditional hair removal methods. Through laser hair removal you can improve the appearance of your skin and get the hair-free legs you’ve always wanted!

    How Laser Leg Hair Removal Works

    Medicis Medical Spa uses advanced lasers designed to remove leg hair by emitting various wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigment of your hair. Our laser hair treatments destroy hair follicles to stop the hair on your legs from growing back.

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    What You Can Expect from Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    At Medicis Medical Spa, you will receive a laser hair removal consultation with a laser hair specialist. Our specialist will evaluate your hair type and skin type to determine the best plan of care. After the consultation, we schedule your first session. You will be instructed to avoid waxing your legs six weeks before your treatment.

    What are the Number of Sessions?

    You may require between five and ten treatment sessions that may be spaced eight weeks apart. Our lasers will continue to target your hair follicles during the growth cycle until they are completely eliminated.


    What to Do Before and After Your Laser Leg Hair Treatment

    Before your treatment, you will be asked to avoid exposure to sunlight for at least two weeks. We want to avoid any possible sunburn that can damage your skin and make your laser treatment unsafe. We may also recommend you refrain from certain beauty and grooming products before your treatment sessions.

    After your treatment, it will be imperative you follow the instruction of our laser hair specialists and continue caring for your skin. Certain beauty products and lifestyle habits can cause irritation during your treatment process. Be sure to consult with our medical staff before conducting any activities or taking any products that could be harmful to your skin during your treatment.

    Laser Leg Hair Removal for Women

    For many women, managing leg hair can be a time-consuming task. As the weather gets warm in Las Vegas, it becomes even harder to cover stubble with pants or tights. Traditional methods like waxing and shaving can cause redness and further irritation. Laser hair removal treatments save you time and can give you that soft, smooth skin you’ve always wanted!

    Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for women:

    • Removes any risk of scars, razor burn, bumps, and cuts that shaving can cause.
    • Saves you time.
    • Eliminates the stubble that is often left behind after shaving.
    • Eliminates ingrown hairs and typical irritation that most hair removal methods cause.
    • Saves you money on hair removal products.
    • Makes legs smooth and soft to the touch.

    Laser Leg Hair Removal for Men

    Your physician may recommend laser hair removal if you perspire too much. Most men undergo laser hair removal because they have coarse leg hair that traps sweat while they workout. Our laser technology can allow men to have their hair removed completely or simply thinned out.

    Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for men:

    • Eliminates or reduces ingrown hairs and blemishes.
    • Decreases your sweat production.
    • Prevents your workouts from being disrupted due to irritation or chafing.
    • Can make your muscles appear more defined.
    • Your skin is smoother and softer.

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    We use the most advanced laser technology and treatment protocols to ensure our patients have the least discomfort during their hair removal treatments. Our highly trained laser hair removal specialists will work with you to create a personalized laser hair removal treatment plan for your hair and skin type. Like to learn more? Call our clinic to schedule your consultation!


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