Pumpkin Peel

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    The Pumpkin Peel is an enzyme and chemical exfoliation that helps to detoxify the skin and lighten pigmentation spots. Pumpkin contains a high concentration of vitamin A, beta carotene, zinc, and potassium, in addition to hydroxyl acids that help exfoliate the skin.

    The proteolytic enzymes found in pumpkin peels help break down the keratin bond between the dead skin cells. As a result, the outer layer of the dead skin cells will fall away without damaging healthy inner cells.

    Who Needs a Pumpkin Peel?

    A pumpkin peel can help treat:

    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Dehydrated and dull skin
    • Acne
    • Aging skin
    • Dark circles
    • Photo damaged skin

    Benefits of a Pumpkin Peel

    The benefits of the procedure include:

    • No downtime
    • No side effects
    • Can be repeated frequently
    • Minimally invasive
    • Doesn’t involve a laser

    After a pumpkin peel, patients will enjoy:

    • Improved skin texture
    • Softer, brighter, and tighter skin
    • Reduced hyperpigmentation
    • Softer fine lines and wrinkles
    • Improved dark circles
    • Improved skin hydration
    • Cleared blackheads
    • Reduced acne breakouts
    • Stimulated collagen production
    • Reduced inflammation
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    What to Expect During Treatment

    The esthetician will begin by cleansing the patient’s face to remove oil, makeup, and dirt. The esthetician will then perform another cleanse, this time with a jet peel. Once the skin has been properly cleansed, the esthetician will gently apply the pumpkin peel, being careful to avoid the eyes. While the peel is treating the skin, the esthetician will massage the patient’s face to help relieve stress and support absorption of the peel’s nutrients and enzymes. The peel will be left on for about 10 minutes, after which it will be removed with another cleanse.

    The entire procedure may last up to one hour. Patients may feel a prickly sensation when the pumpkin is applied, which will transition into a tightening sensation. For best results, patients should get a series of four to six Pumpkin Peels done, one to two weeks apart.

    Common Side Effects

    Patients may experience temporary stinging, redness, dryness, and mild skin irritation. Patients should apply a moisturizer and use sunscreen to nourish and protect the skin.

    Pumpkin Peel vs. Glycolic Acid Peel

    The pumpkin peel is a better option for patients with sensitive skin prone to acne. Compared to the glycolic acid peel, the pumpkin peel is less intrusive, more effective at surface retexturizing, and slightly less expensive.

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